Who We Are and What We Do​

Our Core Values

Prayer – We cling tightly to the Word of God and acknowledge that nothing comes to us without His power and provision as we focus on turning all needs, desires and decisions over to Him through prayer and fasting.
Spiritual Growth – We provide Biblical based teaching- holding out the opportunity to know God, deepen faith in Him, and sow seeds to foster understanding of what it means to live out a Biblical faith everyday in all areas of life.
Grace – We give more than deserved to those around us with whom we interact out of a love and understanding of Jesus Christ and what He did for us.
Hope – We encourage one another in all phases of life, teaching that there is no guarantee of immunity from harm but a conviction that God is always present.
Justice – We foster a ‘thinking of others’ not a ‘just me’ philosophy with a bias in favor of the disadvantaged.
Integrity – We model, interact and teach those with whom we engage to do what is right even when no one is watching.
Compassion – We show care, sensitivity and tolerance, using our talents and treasures to minister to those around us who are suffering or who are facing misfortune, without thought of preconceived walls of discrimination extending grace and giving more than one deserves.
Sustainability – We teach and provide opportunities to build economic, educational and social continuity incorporating environmentally responsible materials.
Excellence – We empower and nurture individual potential, striving toward quality and excellence in whatever one finds themselves doing, regularly evaluating and redefining goals and expectations.
Creativity – We cultivate a philosophy of originality among the artisans to unleash imagination, inspiration and ingenuity seeing innovation in their handcrafts and all areas of life.

Our Vision


By teaching and nurturing hands-on trade skills, academic learning and a Biblical based relationship with Jesus Christ, leadership skills are developing and transformational life changes are taking place in the lives of those we serve. The artisans are growing in confidence and experiencing encouragement as they step out and envision a different future for themselves and the ones they care for.
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News Story

Louisville ministry helping people in Zambia turn trash into trade skills

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — In 2007, Tracy Murray moved to Zambia to work at a church. She met a pastor who was making $250 a month. She said that was considered middle-class because most families made about $2 a day. After seeing the daily struggle, she wanted to help. Tracy started a handbag ministry called RecycloCraftz teaching widows, orphans and the unemployed how to make crafts out of recycled materials like fabric scraps, pages of magazines, and videotape film. When she moved back to Kentucky in 2011, she continued to support the workers in Zambia. The idea may have started with handbags, but it has grown to include aprons, pillows, and jewelry. What you might throw away, people in Zambia use to create art that they sell in the U.S.

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