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Mary Nankolowe
Mary and her husband have five children. Mary used to crochet baby sets but her employer was slow to pay, sometimes taking up to six months to pay. Through the project Mary learned how to make bags and bracelets. In the RecycloCraftz project everyone receives their monies immediately. Mary has been able to pay for her children’s school fees. “We are grateful because the money we get here helps us a lot in our homes.” Mary dreams of starting a business selling second hand bags and going to school, including college. She wants to be a teacher. Shop for Mary’s products here.

Martha Phiri has five children. She went to school through grade nine. Martha used to crochet other things and one of the people she knew told her about RecycloCraftz when it was an early start-up. She became one of RecycloCraftz’s first artisans, making beautiful multicolored purses from plastic grocery bags. Her purses became prototypes for many future creations. Martha’s favorite thing to make is jewelry, especially the seed and glass bead bracelets. Headbands and patchworks are second place favorites. She used to have a tailoring shop but business was slow so she had to close. She dreams of buying a house and a car and would love to be a electrician. With sponsorship, she would be able to help buy food for her family. Shop for Martha’s products here.

Martha Phiri


By teaching and nurturing hands-on trade skills, academic learning and a Biblical-based relationship with Jesus Christ, leadership skills are developing and transformational life changes are taking place in the lives of those we serve.  The artisans are growing in confidence and experiencing encouragement as they step out and envision a different future for themselves and the ones they care for.

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Upcoming Trip to Zambia

We are so excited to announce that our staff is taking a trip to Zambia this upcoming February! With many members of our staff joining in the midst of COVID, they have not been able to go to Zambia and experience the ministry that they are working so hard to support. This trip is monumental for us and we are so excited that the Lord has opened up the opportunity for us to go. 

Here are some of our goals in going on this trip: 

1) Meet all of our wonderful Artisans and their families- to put an actual face and hug the people that make our ministry what it is, is more than we could ever ask for. These men, women, and their families already mean so much to us, being able to meet them, thank them, and pray with them is a dream we did not think would be possible any time soon. 

2) Bring along a photographer to document the whole thing- an amazing photographer (Croal Abood) has graciously volunteered to tag along with us and photograph all of our women. She’ll be documenting their stories, their faces, their families, their work, and so much more. It will be life changing for our organization to be able to show our followers and supporters what our ministry looks like in Zambia, through beautiful photography and videography. 

3) Conduct Literacy, Numeracy, and Community Assessments with our members- for us to continue doing the work we are with literacy and community development amongst our RCZ members, it is vital that we know the level at which to start literacy training and development in other areas. This helps us understand how much schooling they have received, what work/skills they have, what amount of schooling their kids have received, how much income their family lives on, other jobs they have outside of RecycloCraftz, and more. Basically, this gives us a holistic look at each family and clues us in on how we can best assist them moving forward. 

Those are just a few goals for our trip! There are so many other things we will be able to do with our feet on the ground working with the people we love so much. We hope you will follow our journey as we go and pray for us as we travel!

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