Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.

1 Timothy 6:18

Members of RecycloCraftz and their families are living in a country that has been missionized since the days of David Livingston in the late 1800s. Governmentally Zambia has been devoted to Jesus Christ. However, with one of the highest AIDS-orphan populations and a rampant alcoholism rate there is a disconnect for most between their faith and their behavior. In the RecycloCraftz community the early Church in Acts is modeled. They are being led into relationship with Jesus and taught what it means to live a Biblical lifestyle. We know that regardless of what other financial, nutritional, educational, or vocational principles we teach, we must model what life in Christ looks like in order to nurture what matters most – an eternal relationship with Jesus.

RecycloCraftz leaders are always relating daily experiences back to Biblical truths and using Bible illustrations to narrate present-day situations. The artisans’ journeys also include being missional, right where they are. They are taught what it looks like to reach out to others within their own communities to be the hands and feet of Jesus within Kamanga.

Cultural changes are very challenging to address. However, because we are invested generationally, we are being trusted to train children and speak truth to older people about spiritual matters and domestic violence. This is typically a male-dominant culture and boys and young men are trained to dominate girls. We are teaching a Kingdom-culture, however, and trained young men that women are equal and should be respected as fellow Children of God.