If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.

Mother Teresa

It is one of life’s cruelest ironies that people in the developed world die from too much food, while people in the developing world die from too little.  RecycloCraftz understands that education, financial security and even a spiritual life are nearly impossible to address when hunger and dehydration plague those we are serving. Malnutrition affects much of the country which survives on the staple of nshima- a very thick porridge made of fine ground corn served in lumps and eaten by hand. This, combined with the large consumption of white bread and highly sugared candies and sodas, causes many to lack the nutrients required to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Good nutrition, critical to the lifelong development of babies and small children, affects the survival rate of those on the ARV (Antiretroviral drugs) who are fighting the HIV disease.

There is a 40% incidence of stunting of growth in Zambia and those affected most by poverty and hunger can have pigmentation changes in skin and hair by malnutrition. RecycloCraftz has established a garden area at our ministry center where members are able to grow some of their own food and nurture a sense of accomplishment and pride. Tomatoes, cabbages, greens, onions, peppers, small eggplants and carrots all grow in a large patch were members have access to space not available in their crowded compound living situations and a consistent source of water and fertilizer.

A microloan was used by project manager, Barnabas Mwindula, to start a chicken raising business at the ministry center. Members who are willing, butcher the chickens and receive heads, intestines and organs in payment for their work. Eggs can be gathered from the chickens that aren’t used for meat.